How We Help Our Clients

Our products and services are designed with you, our clients, in mind. The ShopTalk20/20 Team offers a personalized approach by offering the following:

  • Connect with each client to understand their goals in order to customize programs to meet those needs.
  • Develop programs to complement sales training efforts and initiatives.
  • Provide support to assist our clients in exceeding sales performance and production goals.
  • Recognize team strengths and maximize their potential through specific coaching and training opportunities for need areas.

How we can help you.

Senior Living

Senior Living

Our strong history of working with senior living communities for over a decade has given us the experience and comprehensive understanding of the senior living industry to provide a partnership focused on achieving your goals. After reviewing your needs and the strengths of your staff, our team of experts will customize an evaluation tool designed around these needs.

  • Our goal is to help you understand your customer’s experience and measure this to your objectives. Our evaluators become fully engaged and understand the emotional element of the senior living sales process. We pride ourselves on the experience our evaluators have and their ability to create authentic scenarios.
  • Our services span the various levels of senior living: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, CCRC, and rehabilitation. We evaluate the electronic lead, phone call and on-site portion of the client interaction.
  • Customized reporting includes all aspects of the experience and can offer that same information for your competitors to provide you with valuable market information.


Since 1988, ShopTalk20/20 has partnered with members of the hospitality industry to develop and strengthen the skills of sales managers. In order to best cater to the needs of the ever‐evolving hospitality sales industry, our evaluators, trainers, and administrators combine their own unique skill sets with many years of practical experience in hotel sales management.

  • Our goal is for our evaluator to mirror the true customer experience in order to deliver the best sales evaluation to our client. After reviewing the particular needs and strengths of your sales staff and current sales initiatives, our team of experts will customize an evaluation tool designed to focus on achieving sales excellence.
  • Our customized reporting includes all aspects of the experience from inquiry to correspondence and follow-up.
  • We can offer this same information for your competitors to provide you with competitive market intelligence by segmentation, season, special event and more.

Evaluation Products

ShopTalk20/20 evaluation programs will tell you exactly how your customers experience your brand. Why are some associates more effective than others? Why would your customers choose you or a competitor? We bring you concrete, detailed answers to the questions you have about your business.

Group, Catering, and Business Transient Sales Evaluations

Are your managers achieving their full potential on sales inquiries? Our evaluations assess their skills from qualifying through correspondence.

  • Measure responsiveness, sales presentation and follow-up.
  • Increase opportunity to practice and improve on selling techniques.
  • Audio recording or electronic correspondence provided.

"Market Pulse" Competitive Evaluations

We know that you are often curious what your competitors might be quoting...Do they fade easily? Do they offer concessions? What do they charge for meeting room rental? Our evaluators will contact the competitor hotels that you specify and retrieve their rates, concessions, written correspondence and other key criteria that your hotel requests.

  • On-line process from ordering to delivery.
  • Offers concise comparison of competitive set by rate and other pertinent information.
  • Written correspondence provided by request.

Take No Message Evaluations

Let us help you measure your sales managers’ availability.

  • Gain full awareness of your managers availability to customers.
  • If a manager is not available, what is their response time?
  • Are customers getting any response at all?

Electronic Requests for Proposals

Do you receive most of your inquiries from all electronic channels? Let us uncover how your electronic leads are being handled.

  • Are customers receiving an acknowledgement of their inquiry?
  • Are managers responding?
  • How quickly are customers receiving a proposal?
Visionary Training

Coaching Calls and Visionary Training

ShopTalk20/20’s Visionary Training Classes are designed to assist sales personnel in understanding how to be successful with customers in reactive sales situations. The course content can be customized to meet your exact sales initiatives.

“In the Moment” Coaching

Immediate one-on-one coaching with feedback of your manager’s sales presentation!

  • Recognize strengths and encourage consistency.
  • Strategize and share suggestions on areas of opportunity.
  • Answer questions and set action plans.

“In the Know” Coaching

Coaching based on established benchmark score set by each customer.

  • Full experience from inquiry to written correspondence is discussed.
  • One-on-one training to assist in the individual development of the manager.
  • Sharing of strategy to grow managers in their positions.

Webinar Training

  • Personalized training that may be used for Introduction to the program, a Sales Energizer or a “Lunch & Learn” for continued education and growth.
  • Topics may include prospecting, electronic correspondence or be customized by reviewing your hotels recent evaluation results and focusing on the areas of opportunity. The trainer typically addresses 3-4 topics per hour.
  • All trainings include a Question and Answer session at the close of the webinar.

Visionary Training

Does your team shine on every inquiry? If the answer is no, let us help raise their level of selling!

  • Identify trends and areas of opportunity through customized evaluations of attendees.
  • Personalize course content to meet sales initiatives and focus on areas of opportunity.
  • Relevant training methods including team building, role-play, review of actual sales recordings and more.
Benchmark Preformance

Performance Benchmarking

Our dynamic reporting, including dashboards, progression reports and more, offers comprehensive data that outlines our findings through the evaluation process. The results offer overviews and detailed summaries for all levels of management. These reports help you recognize strengths and analyze areas of opportunity to take your teams sales presentations to the next level.